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Friday, October 24, 2008

What Eating Personality Are You? by Bonnie

I have found there are several common eating personalities that can sabotage a diet in a heartbeat. No matter what eating personality you are, you can still succeed with a little self-examination and planning. Which eating personality are you?

The Entertainment Eater: Are you at every social event and dinner party? Since dining out and eating hors d'oeuvres can ruin any diet, you must learn to prepare. Prevent overeating or making poor choices by eating a small snack or meal prior to your engagement. Once you are at the event, choose beverages you can sip on like coffee or wine rather than soda, beer or high-calorie cocktails. If you have a say in where to dine, don’t be shy and suggest a place that offers healthy alternatives.

The On-the-Go Eater: Are you always on the go? Do you eat more fast food than you’d like to admit? If this is you, you just need to plan ahead for your busy day. If you have a microwave or fridge at work, bring your lunch and stock up on healthy snacks. If you are on the road, research restaurants ahead of time so you know what fast foods fit your diet plan. Always carry a healthy snack to tide you over in case you get in a bind.

The Boredom Eater: This is SO me! I could go all day without thinking about food and then come home, watch TV, and suddenly all I can think about is eating. So, to keep my weight from getting out of control I make sure I’m always stocked up on low-calorie treats I can eat or drink while watching my favorite show. I also avoid stocking up on bad foods because if it’s in my pantry I’ll eat it! The best way to avoid temptation is to simply not have it around to tempt you.

The Emotional Eater: This is a popular one. Some people look to food for comfort. Whether they are sad, mad, stressed, angry, happy or confused, people often turn to the fridge or restaurant for their favorite high-calorie fix. When we are happy we tend to celebrate with food and drinks. When we are sad we are also just as likely to turn to food and drinks. If this sounds like you, the first step is recognizing the pattern and repercussions. If you are sad, you’ll just be more upset when you can no longer fit into your jeans.

The bottom line is we need to learn to react in a healthier way. Treat yourself to a new outfit or a massage as a calorie-free reward or pick-me-up. If you are stressed out or having a difficult time, keep busy. Do some spring cleaning, start a hobby, exercise or invest in a project that will bring you a lot of joy when it’s complete.

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