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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The ABC Diet Doesn’t Always Work by Bonnie Pfiester

The ABC Diet Doesn’t Always Work by Bonnie Pfiester

Most people are overwhelmed when it comes to dieting. So much so, many would just prefer to be told what to do. That’s why diets are so tempting. Regimented diets tell you what to eat so you don’t have to think.

I refer to this type of step-by-step diet program as the “ABC Diet”. This is when a diet program gives you a list of things you can and cannot eat. At first, this seems like the logical plan, but eventually the limited selection gets old.

Let use my favorite analogy - money. Let’s say I gave you $500 for a shopping spree for clothes and I told you exactly what to buy in order to stay within your budget. That sounds perfect until you realize I’m sending you to the local discount clothing mart.

Although you are not too excited about shopping for your new wardrobe at the savings mart, you go anyway. The styles on the list aren’t your favorite, but you suck it up and stick to the plan.

The problem arises when one day you find yourself in a nice mall looking at all the beautiful clothes that aren’t on your list. Suddenly you feel deprived so you decide to splurge. After buying the greatest outfit, you realize how unsatisfied you are with your discount clothes. You decide the strict shopping rules aren’t for you.

Do you see the parallel? This is why ABC Diets don’t always work. The emphasis is often on what you can and cannot eat instead of the actual budget, when the budget is what makes any ABC Diet Plan successful.

Let’s go back to the analogy. What if I didn’t give you a list of things to buy but just gave you a budget. You could shop anywhere you wanted and buy all the styles you liked – I even bet you’d get some great deals too! This is exactly how you should look at dieting.

Start with using the same caloric budget as most ABC Diet Plans - 1200 calories for women and 1500 calories for men. Next, find foods that fit your budget. Just like you compare prices, you need to compare calories. Lastly, shop for quality foods. The same way quality fabrics last longer, quality foods keep you fueled longer – which means one very satisfied dieter.

Dieting, like shopping on a budget, takes a little work. However, with a little education and research you can find delicious foods that meet your caloric budget and satisfy your taste buds.

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I like the analogy. You are right on! ;)


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