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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Make it a Gym Date by Bonnie Phiester

When you think of going on a date most people think of going to dinner or a movie. Although there are more creative date ideas, food and entertainment tend to top the list.

When I began dating Steve, he worked three jobs and went to school. We had to find time to share with each other. He would go to church with me and I’d go to the gym with him. Since working out was something he did every day, the gym was a big part of our date life – and what a great date idea.

First, a gym date is healthy. As stress continues to inhabit our lifestyles, we need to workout more than ever. Busy schedules leave us very little spare time so a gym date kills two birds with one stone, allowing you to spend more time with the love of your life and take care of yourself too.

Second, a gym date is sexy. Dare I say sexy? There is something attractive about a person who takes care of their body. I’m not talking about beautiful looking people wearing tight fitness clothes. I’m simply talking about the attractiveness of someone who is disciplined. Maybe it would be easier to understand the opposite - laziness is unattractive.

In addition, working out makes you feel attractive too. I know I am the most confident and feel the best about myself when I’m working out the most. This type of confidence greatly affects how someone receives and gives love.

Next, a gym date says “I love and support you”. Everyone needs to exercise, but some people may need it more than the others. When you go to the gym together you are telling your spouse you love and support them. The accountability and support of doing it together can speak volumes.

Another important part of gym dating is making couple time without the kids. Since most clubs offer childcare, parents can spend time together as a couple without the worry of getting a sitter. The time you spend in they gym will make you a better spouse and parent.

Lastly a gym date is very affordable. Monthly dues for the entire month equal what most people spend on one dinner date. In today’s economy, an affordable date is a welcomed. If you think about the number of gym dates you could have in a month’s time compared to the equal cost of other dates, you can see there is a lot of bang for the buck.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting you cancel your dinner reservations for Valentines Day so you can hit the gym. What I am suggesting is a gym date is a great date idea with endless benefits – and what better time to start gym dating than the month of love!

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